김일구 박사||Dr. Benjamin (Ilku) KIM

Dr. Benjamin (Ilku) KIM

Chief Executive Officer
(CEO / Founder)

PhD. (The University of Queensland)

-Condensed Matter Physics-

Research Associate Professor (KAIST)

Adjunct Associate Professor

(Griffith University)

차영규||Jade (Yeonggyu) CHA

Jade (Yeonggyu) CHA

Chief Design Officer

MS. (Korea University of Technology and Education)

-Intelligence Convergence Cluster, Design Engineering-

Senior Engineer (KAIST)

-Smart Sensor System, Advanced Design-

홍현옥||Lily (Hyeon-ok) HONG

Lily (Hyeon-ok) HONG

Chief Finance Officer

BS (Konyang University)

Senior Executive Officer (KAIST)

조용철||David (Yongcheol) JO

David (Yongcheol) JO

Senior Researcher / Ph.D.

Ph.D. (Dongguk University)

-Semiconductor Science-

PostDoc. (Dongguk University)

-Quantum-functional Semiconductor Research Center-

기정환||James (Jeong-Hwan) KI

James (Jeong-Hwan) KI

Researcher / Engineer

BS. (Sunmoon University)

Researcher/Engineer (KATECH)

Asst Manager/Engineer (PAL Co.Ltd)